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Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The TechOrbits Rise-X Standing Desk Converter offers excellent value among budget-friendly options for converting your existing desk. Taking advantage of the recent X shape design, it rises vertically without swinging towards you and includes an enormous keyboard tray and overall impressive width for the price. At Around $180 the rise-X pro should be a serious consideration for anyone on a tight budget still wanting a large and functional way to convert their existing desk for standing duties. Just make sure your computer and monitors are under 33 pounds.

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Delivery and Warranty

Widely available on Amazon and with Prime shipping, taking delivery of this converter is as easy as any other online ordering you may do. It arrives quickly and the box includes handles to make carrying it to an assembly area easy.

TechOrbits advertises a 3-year warranty on their site but doesn’t provide details about what type of warranty it is or what is covered. Most standing desk companies provide long warranties on the frame and desktop surfaces but limit coverage on the mechanicals or any electronics. TechOrbits return policy is impressive. They offer a typical 30-day refund which isn’t that uncommon but they will also pay for return shipping costs. This is highly uncommon for such a large and heavy item. This will allow you to purchase the Rise-X Pro or any of TechOrbits other products with no risk of losing any funds. Impressive.


Assembling the Rise-X Pro, while relatively straightforward, requires more work than other standing desk converters we’ve reviewed. Assembly tasks of standing desk converters normally come down to attaching the keyboard tray. Most desks we’ve reviewed have a quick and easy way to snap the keyboard into place with no tools. While the Rise-X Pro does come with everything you need to attach the keyboard tray it can be a little tedious to screw down the tray to the frame of the desk. Overall, assembling the Rise-X Pro is still quite easy and quick it’s just that we’ve come accustomed to converters that require little and sometimes no assembly or special tools.



The Ergonomics of the Rise-X Pro is great. It features a comfort-oriented keyboard tray that not only has a rounded bevel edge for resting your wrists but also a slight arc shape. This makes finding a comfortable typing position very easy. The large size of the tray also makes it nice for full-sized keyboards, left-handed users or anyone who enjoys using a lot of space with their keyboard and mouse area. We found that the range of height adjustment is excellent. This is definitely a converter we can recommend for short and especially tall people. Many converters are designed for people between 6’1” and under but we can imagine this desk providing proper posture and comfortable for someone even taller.



The Rise-X Pro has a relatively sleek design although somewhat ubiquitous with many other converters finished in the usual black desktop and black hardware and frame. If black isn’t the color you’d like, they also have a white version as well. Keep in mind, the design is excellent for a converter at this price point.


Setup and Installation

Setting up the Rise-X Pro is pretty self-explanatory but consider the following:

  • Consider the Depth of Your Desktop - The Rise-X Pro is somewhat shallow at only 25 inches deep. This means to can use this converter with almost any desk, even a 24” folding table would work.
  • Routing Your Cables - The Rise-X Pro does come with some cable management accessories which will need to be creatively used. Just make sure that you keep wires away from the mechanicals of the desk. One way this can be accomplished is running them through the holes desktop slot.
  • Cable Length - make sure you have at least 12 to 14 inches of slack in your power cables and monitor cords to allow for raising.


Operation and Stability

The operation of the Rise-X Pro is good but only for lighter weight setups. We found that our monitor, laptop with stand were likely at the weight limit of the desk. Using the trigger to raise the desk requires the use of both your arms pulling upward. It was still easy to go from sitting to standing but with a stronger gas strut, it could have been effortless. This was a little disappointing since it’s such a large converter there is plenty of space for two large monitors or even two large monitors and a laptop. Again these minor issues are for the most part offset by the very competitive price of the Rise-X Pro. Aside from the weight constraints, the operation is indeed very smooth and predictable. There’s no risk of having your items fall off and you can find your exact position without using preset height levels like some other desks.

Stability while lowered is truly amazing. The keyboard tray features pads that allow it to partially rest on your desktop while lowered. This essentially makes typing feel like you’re typing on your desk vs on the keyboard tray. We find that other options in their lowered position are still floating over your desk, resulting in some typing instability. This is a feature that we truly love. Typing while raised, like in most standing desk converters is less stable. The Rise-X Pro does suffer from some minor racking in the frame that transits to the keyboard. It is minor.

Image Image

Sizes and Options

The Rise-X Pro measures in at 38” wide and 25 inches deep with the keyboard tray installed (about 16 inches deep without) It is available in all white or all black. If you don’t need the extra width, consider opting for the Rise-X Light. It’s less expensive and is essentially the exact same desk frame and mechanicals with a shorter desktop and keyboard tray.


In summary, the TechOrbits Rise-X Pro standing desk converter offers amazing value. While there are some minor drawbacks, at this price, it’s worthy of consideration of anyone with a computer/monitor setup on the lighter side looking to convert their current desk for standing. Especially tall people should also consider the Rise-X Pro for its range of height adjustment and large keyboard tray area.