Quick Summary

The UPLIFTdesk XF Standing Desk Converter is of the newer generation of standing desk converters than rise vertically, are more stable and often much less expensive that converters of the past. While the XF is extremely similar to another desk we've reviewed, the Flexispot AloveRiser, it has two main advantages over it and is a standing desk converter worth considering, especially the medium model in white (most converters are only available in black).

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UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Raised Front Left View
UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Lowered Front Left View

Delivery and Warranty

Taking delivery of the XF is as simple as it can be. It arrived quickly via normal parcel carrier shipping. The box includes handles which was nice considering the 50 lb weight.

UPLIFT Desk offers a limited warranty that lasts 7 years for most products they offer. They stand behind any defects with their frames, electronics, and motors. They cover their desktops if there is a manufacturer defect or damage in shipping. Finally, they cover accessories for any material or workmanship defects. UPLIFT does not cover things like damage in installation, normal wear and tear, and consequential damages.


Assembling the XF converter is very simple and tool-free. Just like a few other converters we have reviewed the desk has two clips under the desktop that allow you to easily slide in the keyboard tray and lock it into place. This is all that is required for assembly.

UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Keyboard Tray Flip Lever


The UPLIFTdesk XF Converter has two of the most important features we look for when reviewing standing desk converters. It has beveled desktop and keyboard tray surfaces which dramatically improve comfort over a hard 90 degree edge.

It also has infinite adjustment which means it can rest at any position within its min and max height range. Some other converters have 10 to 15 preset heights which can create issues if you're wanting to be between two settings.

The XF also offers extremely deep desktop and keyboard tray surfaces. This especially applies to the desktop which in the medium size is nearly 21 inches deep. This is truly over-sized for what most people would need but we're not complaining. You'll find it easy to have two large monitors and possibly even your laptop open as a third.

Being able to find your ideal height is also very important and while the 13.7" max height is great for most people, tall people (6' 1" and up) may find that highest setting is not quite high enough for them. This is obviously dependent on the height of your existing desk and may not be an issue.

UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Keyboard Tray Shape


While we have commented on other reviews that there needs to more aesthetic options for consumers to choose from in shopping for standing desk converters, we give UPLIFTdesk a point for having the XF available in white. The black model seems somewhat ubiquitous with generic office products but white with the black frame seems more stylish and visually interesting.

UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Front Right View

Operation and Stability

The operation of the XF is confidence inspiring and rises easily with very light upward force. Many converters require you to strain a decent amount to lift your desk, especially if you have multiple monitors. UPLIFTdesk reports the weight limit of the XF at 33 lb. but we find the gas struts to provide so much force that we bet you could get away with 40 lb or more.

Stability is so important in choosing a standing desk converter. Stability can make or break your standing desk experience. When we review a new converter we take note of stability both fully raised, at our normal typing position and fully lowered.  The XF offers above average stability when fully raised and at our normal typing position. The unit is extremely solid side to side with no evidence of rocking. There is a very slight vertical give when typing. Depending on how much weight you put on the desk through your wrists or how forceful you type, it may not even be noticeable. In our typing we found the feel to be solid and very little vibration is transferred to the monitors (which can get annoying on other desks).

Lowered stability is also great, but with one caveat. The XF's keyboard tray lowers and touches the desktop of your existing desk which is an excellent feature. However, in our review model we found that the left side of the keyboard tray would lower flat then when released would come up slightly by a few millimeters. This is fairly minor but had it remained flat on the desktop, typing while sitting would be more stable.

UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Trigger For Raising and Lowering
UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Mechanics X Design

Sizes and Options

The XF is available in two colors and two sizes with the following specs:


  • White - White work surfaces with black frame
  • Black - black work surfaces with black frame


  • Small - 27.6" W x 19.7" D x 15.8" H
  • Medium - 34.6" W x 20.9" D x 18.1" H
UPLIFTdesk XF Converter - Color Options

UPLIFTdesk also offers a variety of accessories during checkout that we would recommend considering, especially their monitor arms and power and cable management accessories.


Overall, the XF is very compelling despite its high similarity with the Flexispot Alcoveriser. It differentiates itself from it in several important ways. First, it has a larger and deeper work surface. Second, it is $30 less than the Flexispot Alcoveriser. Lastly, it can be purchased in white - a nice break from the monotonous stream of black standing desk converters. These differences are enough to make it a desk that we highly recommend.