Ryan Fiorenzi
May 9, 2021
Ryan Fiorenzi is one of the founders of Start Standing. After suffering from constant back pain for 8 years, he began researching, consulting with experts, and experimenting with different therapies which ended up getting rid of his pain. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Michigan, a published author, teaches at his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Michigan, and has been interviewed by several podcasts for his experience getting rid of his back pain.

Quick Summary

The E7 Electric Desk Converter is a great way to give yourself the option to stand while you work without having to buy a full standing desk. The E7 is placed on top of your existing desk from Uplift, one of the top standing desk companies.


  • The bracket for the monitor is height adjustable
  • Smooth start and stop action on the height adjustment
  • Large lift capacity (110 lbs)
  • The digital keypad is beautiful
  • The digital keypad sits conveniently inside the tabletop
  • Large height range of 21"
  • It has a keyboard tray that sits below the tabletop which is better for your back and wrists
  • 4 different tabletop and keyboard tray styles (bamboo, black eco, white eco, and natural rubberwood)


  • It's very heavy, but that's what you get with a motor with such a high lift capacity and this should only be a slight issue when you assemble it
  • Assembly is a little time consuming (similar to a full standing desk)
  • Wire management could be slightly improved

Delivery & Assembly

The desk is heavy. It arrives in 2 boxes that weigh in total 92 lbs. If you're not very strong, you'll at least will need help getting the boxes to where you'll assemble them. The weight of the desk will only be an issue when you bring it into your place and assemble it. For an electric converter that has a 110 lb lift capacity, it's unavoidable that the unit is going to be heavy.

Assembly took me just over 1.5 hours. It's not bad compared to a lot of standing desks, but the directions could be a little more clear.

Warranty & Guarantee

Uplift offers a 30-day trial, a 5-year limited warranty, as well as free shipping.

Lift Capacity & Height Adjustment

A benefit of the E7 over a lot of other converters is the large lift capacity. Many converters will only hold 35 lbs, the E7 will hold 110 lbs, which is enough to hold more than one monitor and a lot of other stuff.

The desk adjusts very smoothly in 1" increments, starts and stops smoothly, and it has a range of 21".


The number one benefit of this converter over many other electric converters is the ability to adjust the height of the monitor. With most converters (electric and manual), the monitor just sits on the top shelf. With the E7, it's attached via a VESA mount onto the support arm (with a  maximum monitor size of 28"). It's not a quick adjustment as you would need to take out several screws, but keeping the monitor off of the shelf does two things:

  1. It gives you more space on your tabletop.
  2. You have more options for monitor height.

Another thing that we like is that it's a very solid feeling and well-built desk. Like many converters, it's not attached to your desk via screws or a clamp, it just sits on top. I like this feature as I like not having to screw or clamp the converter into the desk as it will damage the desk holding the converter.

We listed it being heavy as a drawback, but the benefit of the weight is that this converter won't move around easily. Most people don't move their converters after they set them on their desk, so after you assemble it, it's weight shouldn't be an issue.


The digital keypad is beautifully designed and gives you 2 preset height adjustments as well as the ability to adjust the height. It slides into a cutout area on the desk, so it's easy to see and reach, and the wire connected to it is held nicely on the underside of the desk.

Keyboard Tray

There's a keyboard tray that is attached to the underside of the tabletop, which is ergonomically superior having to reach up to type. Besides ergonomics, having a keyboard tray also frees up space on your desktop. If you don't want it, you don't have to attach it when you assemble it (it's held by a few screws).

Wire Management

The wire management could be slightly improved. It's probably difficult as you have to have some slack in the wires because the desk will rise 21", and the wires stick out of the metal housing case that covers most of the wires. You don't see the wires from the front, only from the back.


The E7 is a great choice for an electric converter. Its post and keyboard tray style is a different style than the more common Z shape (such as Varidesk) or X shape (such as the Flexispot). This style's keyboard tray and tabletop are slightly more unstable, but you have the ergonomic benefit of being able to adjust your monitor as well as over triple the lift capacity of most other converters.

The E7 is priced lower than many of its competitors, which is surprising when you consider it's high-quality construction, adjustment, and solid warranty.

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