Matt the authorResearch by Matt Rowan, B.S.
Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Welldesk Original Standing Desk Converter allows you to convert an existing desk for standing duty however once you convert it, don’t count on being able to sit as this converter isn’t truly adjustable for sitting. While the unique Scandinavian good looks of the desk will appeal to many, we’d advise only those who spend a brief time at their desk to consider one.

Healthy standing activity at a desk is all about intervals of sitting and standing which creates movement variability. We fear this type of converter will lead to prolonged standing time which can take away some of the benefits of standing in the first place. From a value standpoint, the welldesk is less expensive than an adjustable standing desk converter but only offers a $20 savings over one of our favorite budget focused fully adjustable standing desk converter.

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Delivery and Assembly

The welldesk couldn’t be easier to take delivery of and assemble. It arrives in a small but heavy box that is still easy to move around. There isn’t really any assembly required. You remove the unit from the box and take advantage of its hinged design to fold it open. From there all that is needed is to place the keyboard tray and monitor platform and you’re done.


Warranty and Returns

Welldesk stands by their product and while a warranty isn’t described on their site, if you have any issues with your desk you can use their no questions asked return policy to get a total refund. You would still need to pay for return shipping but since the unit itself is light and the box it small, you wouldn’t be loosing much due to shipping.


The Welldesk Original has 6 keyboard tray levels and 3 monitor platform levels and with experimenting with various combinations of those two settings you can find a comfortable and ergonomic position. However, many of the products we test feature infinite adjustment settings within their range so being confined to only a handful of settings can be tough. The keyboard tray is very large and can be flipped to create space for both right and left handed users, even with a large keyboard with a number pad.

Most of the edges of the desk are fairly sharp 90-degree angles, this can be a particular issue with the keyboard tray. We found resting our wrists on the edge of the desk to be tolerable but not for hours of typing. We have come to appreciate beveled edges, especially on the keyboard tray.

Your monitor height plays an important role with ergonomics and while the monitor itself is adjustable we found ourselves lowering it as far as it could go, even while the monitor platform was at its lowest setting. The Welldesk unit is fairly tall and can present some issues if used on a taller desk, especially by someone of average height.



We love the design of the Welldesk. It’s totally unique in a market of black generic looking office products. It is constructed nearly entirely of birch plywood that has been finished to a very high level. Being a neutral color, it’s easy for this desk to compliment your workspace. Since the desk isn’t adjustable for sitting it is free of any complicated mechanisms or moving parts that often take away from the design of the unit. It’s a minimalist and savvy design.




We used the welldesk in the office and at home for hours during the review process. We found it to be fairly stable with only minor side to side racking and virtually zero flex downward when typing. The wood frame creates a self-squaring and rigid shape, a departure from may adjustable standing desk converters out there. Our biggest criticism of the Welldesk’s stability is how easy it can slide around on your desk. Obviously, this will vary depending on your desktop surface but we’d recommend using some kind of anti-slip material between the desk and the converter if you run into any issues.


Sizes and Options

The Welldesk is only available in the birch plywood color but does come in two different sizes, one being designed for a single monitor, the other double. We reviewed the single monitor version and found this recommendation to be true.



If you don’t spend a lot of time at a desk and want to spend that time standing than the Welldesk may be a good option. However, for most of us working 8 hour days in an office, a truly adjustable standing desk converter is a must-have. Standing all day isn’t realistic or healthy and periods of sitting are essential. At the $150 mark, the Welldesk offers limited value compared to fully adjustable converters being only $20 to $50 more and a complete stand-alone desk being only $100 to $150 more.