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Ryan the authorRyan Fiorenzi, B.A.
Updated: May 9, 2021

Quick Summary

Flexispot has emerged as a formidable competitor to the well-known stand-up desk company Varidesk. The Flexispot M2B is one of several different desktop risers that rivals Varidesk's stand up desks.


  • Has a slot to hold a cell phone or tablet in an upright position.
  • The desk rises and lowers with one hand (the Varidesk models require two hands).
  • The gas spring hovering system makes raising and lowering it smooth.
  • The desk raises straight up and down, as opposed to the Varidesk which raises up and towards you, which takes up more space.


  • It only holds 35 lbs. This shouldn't be a problem for most people. I have two 23" monitors that weigh 7.7 lbs each, and I have a really large laptop that weighs 9.9 lbs, and I'm still under 35 lbs.
  • The keyboard doesn't tilt. This is nitpicking, and Varidesk models have the same limitation. When you stand at your desk it's ergonomically better to have your keyboard tilted downward slightly to reduce strain on the wrists.
  • Some people feel that the surface of the keyboard and tabletop are slippery. It's more slippery than Varidesk tops, but this pretty much only applies to using a mouse. It's easily remedied by getting a mouse pad.

It also has a large surface area. This could be good for people that want more space and bad for people that don't have the room. Flexispot does offer several models of different sizes.

Height Adjustment

There are 12 different height adjustments, with the lowest height at 5.9", and the highest at 19.7". If you place this standing desk converter on top of a 28" desk, it will accommodate users up to 6'1" tall. Taller users would need a taller desk that they're placing the Flexispot on. Or you could get an adjustable monitor arm (or arms) that will lift your monitors up even higher. It adds to your cost, but they can make it easy to get your monitors to the perfect height when sitting or standing.

The gas spring is very smooth, and the desk raises easily when you lift the handle on the right hand side just under the tabletop.


There is a little assembly, and will take around 10 minutes. You only need to attach the keyboard, the plastic cover on the bottom rail, and the optional decorative covers on the joints.


Flexispot M2B dimensions


The Flexispot is a great standing desk converter if you don't need more than 35 lbs. of monitors and items on your desk. If you have multiple monitors, or usually have lots of items on your desk, this is probably not a good choice for you.

If it's not the right size, there are other desks from Flexispot of different sizes: