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Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter offers all the benefits of an electric standing desk while still using your existing furniture. It is easy to assemble, well made and although it has minor vertical stability issue its pros dramatically outweigh its cons. It benefits from an impressive and realistic weight capacity for large and heavy computing setups. At $339 it is much less expensive than a full electric standing desk and not much more expensive than many manual standing desk converters. It offers good value and delivers.

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Delivery and Warranty

As with all Flexispot standing desk converters, taking delivery is simple. Standing desk converters can be shipped in a cost-effective manner for the manufacturer often with free prime shipping on Amazon or free shipping through the company’s site. This can be one of the gotchas with ordering standing desks. Many standing desks solutions are excessively heavy or large and shipping can significantly add to the total cost of ownership. We find ourselves staying this a lot but this is one of the benefits of choosing a standing desk converter over a full stand-alone standing desk.

Flexispot offers a limited warranty on all their products primarily protecting buyers against craftsmanship issues or defects. According to the Flexispot warranty page, standing desk converters purchased on October 5, 2016, or after being covered with a 3-year warranty on the frame, desktop, and mechanicals. The site does a great job explaining what the warranty covers, how issues are handled if there is a problem and how you can file a claim with them.


Unboxing and assembling the Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter is a headache-free process. There are only two steps in the assembly, neither require tools. The first step is to attach the keyboard tray. Similar to other Flexispot converters, the keyboard tray slides into brackets on the desk itself and is secured by flipping levers. This is nice not only because it is simple but if you ever needed to move or store the desk, you can have the keyboard tray removed in seconds. The final step in assembly is to attach the motor cable to the transformer. With most electric standing desk motors, they use a lower voltage than what is supplied by your typical wall outlet. One benefit of this two-stage power cord is you often get a very long cable, In this case, 10 feet.



The Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter has a lot of nice ergonomic touches we like to see in a converter. The over-sized keyboard tray, a trend sweeping accross the converter market is nearly the width of the entire desk. This allows you to use a large keyboard with a number pad, large mouse pad and still have plenty of room to use for your phone, a drink or any other loose items. The tray is so large it is an extension of the desktop area. The converter also features beveled edges which are easy on your wrists.



The overall look and feel of the desk are very similar to the Flexispot AlcoveRiser, we reviewed back in May. Overall we like the design but would like to see some different table top options or colors as Flexispot offers with their M2B model. The M2B model with the Mohangany top, for example, looks excellent. Many office products tend to be a generic black or white color and texture like this.


Setup and Installation

Seting up the Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter is simple and self-explanatory but we’ve done this a bunch and have some tips to share:

  • Make sure you use the included cable wrap. Not only does this help organize your cables it helps your cables slide along the edge of your existing desk as you raise or lower the converter.
  • Be careful of how you route keyboard or mouse cables, especially near the mechanicals and moving parts. The fact that this is a motorized unit can make it easy to pinch or even sever a keyboard or mouse cord.
  • Make sure you have enough slack in the cords for your monitor and laptop, 12 to 14 inches should be plenty.

Operation and Stability

The operation is really where the Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter shines. It has a truly impressive weight capacity of 55 pounds, which is the highest of any converter we've reviewed. Most options out there are around 25 to 35 pounds which is what we consider the bare minimum for most single monitor/laptop or dual monitor setups, especially when you're adding steel monitor arms. The desk rises and lowers with ease using the two button control unit. The control unit doesn’t have options for memorizing your height settings, a feature we’ve come to love with most electric standing desks. The motors seem to be quite strong as there was no change in speed or motor sound between the desk being empty and loaded with 30 pounds. The motor noise is present but hardly bothersome. It’s quieter than most of the electric standing desks we’ve reviewed.

Stability is good side to side and forwards and back however we did notice some vertical give when the unit was raised. This give was about a ½” so if you’re someone that is a heavy typer or tend to put weight on the keyboard tray with your wrists you may notice it more than others. This is a very minor criticism of the stability when raised. When lowered the stability is rock solid all around. What we like more than the related AlcoveRiser is how the keyboard tray rests directly on the desktop. This makes typing when the unit is lowered feel like you’re keyboard is directly on the desk. Many converters out there don’t quite lower all the way to the desktop resulting in some stability issues when lowered. Overall this converter is about average in stability when raised and excellent in stability when lowered.


Sizes and Options

Currently, the Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter is only available in a 36” size, which isn’t a problem, This feels like a very adequate size for dual monitors, a monitor and laptop stand or even very large single monitor or iMac.

Colors, as mentioned before, are currently limited to a black textured desktop and black frame, if this model becomes more popular like the M2B, we could see this changing.

Flexispot does offer a variety of great accessories on their site including monitor arms, under desk bike (which we’ve reviewed), standing mats, and ergonomic seat cushions.


The Flexispot Motorized Standing Desk Converter is one of the only electric options out there to use on an existing desk and at 339 it represents great value for someone that wants to keep their existing furniture and enjoy the benefits of electric operation.