Matt the authorResearch by Matt Rowan, B.S.
Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Flexispot AlcoveRiser is an excellent standing desk converter for those of us looking to keep an existing desk or furniture. In addition to being a quality converter, it also delivers great value, being around $50 less than some competitors similar models. As we’ve mentioned in our other reviews we much prefer the operation of standing desk converters like the AlcoveRiser that rise vertically without moving away or towards you as they rise. This makes them realistic for smaller spaces and still keeps all your desktop items within reach.

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Delivery and Warranty

Delivery and shipping can be a headache when ordering a standing desk, but fortunately standing desk converters like the AlcoveRiser can be shipped regular parcel shipping and arrives quickly at your door. At Stand Standing we handle a ton of standing desk boxes. One thing we’ve come to like about Flexispot packaging are the handles built-in to the box. It makes it easy to handle heavy items without messing up your back. Through Amazon and the Flexispot site, you can get free shipping keeping the cost of the desk and delivery just under $250.

Flexispot offers a limited warranty on all their products primarily protecting buyers against craftsmanship issues or defects. According to the Flexispot warranty page, standing desk converters purchased on October 5, 2016, or after are covered with a 3-year warranty on the frame, desktop, and mechanicals. The site does a great job explaining what the warranty covers, how issues are handled if there is a problem and how you can file a claim with them.


Ease of assembly is easy on the AlcoveRiser. It comes entirely assembled only requiring the attachment of the keyboard tray. No tools are required to attach it as it slides into slots under the desktop and securely clips in. Most standing desk converters we’ve reviewed require the keyboard tray to be attached.



The AlcoveRiser has many features that aid in ergonomics. Afterall, many of us buy standing desks or converters to improve posture and ergonomics of our workspaces. The keyboard tray and desktop both feature a beveled edge which can make typing much more comfortable than a conventional 90-degree edge. The keyboard tray is also quite oversized, which allows you to dial in the position of your mouse and typing area without being confined to a small area. The tray is also very deep which makes this converter one of the few that allow you to use your laptop’s keyboard and have a remote monitor if you desired. Overall, it’s size and design offer flexibility for finding good ergonomics and comfort.



When it comes to design we find that all standing desk converters struggle. The reality is they are a very mechanical device and it can be hard to make it aesthetically appealing. Although, Flexispot did a good job with AlcoveRiser. Its mechanicals are fairly minimalist and looks pretty sleek, especially when lowered. There are smooth plastic pieces wrapping the base of the converter making it look much better had the metal frame been exposed.


Setup and Installation

Getting set up with the AlcoveRiser or any standing desk converter is pretty easy. However, there are a couple key considerations to note:

  • Make sure your existing desktop is very stable. Any wobble from your existing desk will be transferred to your converter, especially when raised.
  • Make sure your desk is 28 Inches deep or more. Our test desk was only 27 inches deep and the keyboard tray would hang off the edge slightly. However, we didn’t find this to be a problem with function or ergonomics.
  • Consider the length of your cables. With our setup, we found we needed about a 12 to 14 inches of slack in the cables to allow it raise to full height.
  • This 35” model is great for two monitors or one laptop stand and one monitor but not more.
  • Route your keyboard cable through the bracket to prevent it from getting pinched by the mechanicals.


Operation and Stability

The operation of the Flexispot AlcoveRiser is excellent and different from other converters we’ve tested. With our laptop, stand and large monitor we found the action was perfectly weighted. Raising or lowering the desktop required no strain or hunching over. The lever is located at the forward right-hand corner of the desktop and is easy to use. We think the action of this desk is great due to the double gas struts vs springs. It’s a smart design. The mechanism for the height setting is well done too. Some converters have predetermined height settings but the AlcoveRiser has an infinitely adjustable height setting between its min and max ranges. The operation is also quiet and has a faint gas strut sound similar to what you would hear when opening the hatch of an SUV.

Although our existing desk wasn’t extremely rigid we could tell the wobble we felt wasn’t due to the AlcoveRiser. To confirm this we set the converter on a granite counter. There was no racking forward and back or side to side. Obviously, this can change with extended use but first impressions are good on the structure's stability. Typing wobble is very minimal as well. We always appreciate converters that offer a stiff typing surface that does give way under typing pressure. When moving from a regular desk, this can be particularly annoying.


Sizes and Options

The AlcoveRiser is available in 35” and 28” sizes. The 35” model is designed for two large monitors or one large monitor and a laptop, while the 28” version can accommodate one large monitor or a laptop but both would be tight. The AlcoveRiser keyboard tray and desktop are available in a satin black finish or a mahogany wood finish.

Cable Management

Flexispot does a good job thinking about the cable management needs of their consumers. They include cable tie/anchors as well as a conduit sleeve for keeping wires together and away from the moving parts of the desk.



The Flexispot AlcoveRiser is an improved innovative design that gets you standing quickly, easily and without breaking the bank.