Comparison: Flexispot vs. Varidesk

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Varidesk is the most well-known standing desk company; Flexispot is the up-and-coming competitor. Who offers the better product?

Comparing the Varidesk's best-seller, the Pro Plus 36, vs. Flexispot's best seller, the M2B, we had a tie score.  But because we feel that the design and lifting mechanism are the most important features, we have chosen Flexispot as the better standing desk converter.

Feature Flexispot Varidesk
Lifting Mechanism winner
Design winner
Cost winner
Shipping & Returns winner
Weight Limits winner
Colors Available tie
Assembly winner
As lifting mechanism, design, and price are weighed more heavily than other factors, our overall winner is the Flexispot. winner


Though slightly different in design, both desks are made of similar quality materials. The Flexispot M2B is usually $100 cheaper. 

Winner: Flexispot

Lifting Mechanism

You raise and lower the Varidesk via two paddles on the sides of the tabletop. The Flexispot is raised by one paddle on the right hand side via a gas-spring, which is easier to adjust than the Varidesk.

Winner: Flexispot

Colors Available

Varidesk comes in  black, butcherblock, darkwood, or white. Flexispot comes in black, mahogany, river walnut, or white.

Winner: Tie


All you have to do with Varidesk is take it out of the box and set it on top of your desk. The Flexispot took me about 10 minutes. It wasn't difficult, you just need to attach the keyboard and add the optional plastic covers on the joints and the metal rail on the bottom.

Winner: Varidesk

Weight Limit

Flexispot has a 35 lb. weight limit, Varidesk has a 45 lb. weight limit. For most people this probably isn't a big concern, unless you have several monitors (the average 23" monitor weighs around 8 lbs).

Winner: Varidesk


Three main points regarding the design and function of these two standing desk converters.

  1. The Flexispot has a slot that holds your phone or tablet in an upright position so you can conveniently glance at it to see activity. Varidesk doesn't have this feature.
  2. The Varidesk comes toward you as it lifts up, so it requires more space. The first time I opened a Varidesk, I had a chair behind me and almost fell. The Flexispot raises straight up.
  3. The Flexispot has a removable keyboard in case that you didn't need it or wanted to save on space.
  4. The Varidesk has an optional side panel that you can purchase to increase the size of your tabletop.

Winner: Flexispot

Shipping and Returns

Though both companies offer free shipping and free returns, Varidesk will pay for the cost of return shipping. Flexispot doesn't.

Winner: Varidesk