Matt the authorResearch by Matt Rowan, B.S.
Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Flexispot Deskcise Pro bike desk offers a unique blend of a standing desk and a stationary bike. Winner of an Innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it is one of the best ways to add movement to your day and stay active during your work time. While the Deskcise Pro isn’t likely to get your sweat pouring like a traditional stationary bike it can provide about as much exercise as you can tolerate while still being productive at your computer.

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Herman Miller Sayl - Front View
Herman Miller Sayl - Side View

Delivery and Warranty

The Flexispot Deskcise Pro can be purchased on Amazon and shipped by normal parcel shipping. As we mentioned in many reviews this varies from desk to desk depending on the size and weight and whether the desktop and frame are shipped as one. In this case, the desktop is small enough to be shipped in the same box. However, this is an extremely heavy item that you may need help moving to an assembly area.

Flexispot offers a limited warranty on all their products primarily protecting buyers against craftsmanship issues or defects. According to the Flexispot warranty page, standing desks purchased on October 5, 2016, or after are covered with a 3-year warranty on the frame, desktop, and mechanicals. The site does a great job explaining what the warranty covers, how issues are handled if there is a problem and how you can file a claim with them.


Flexispot advertises a 1 min assembly time for the Deskcise Pro. We found this to be true, once all the items are unboxed and removed from their packaging. The pedal unit, legs, seat and desk post all come attached as one unit, only requiring the pedals and legs to be folded out. Beyond this, the only other step needed is to attach the desktop with one single Allen bolt with supplied Allen key.



The Deskcise Pro has a lot of ergonomic challenges to solve for. Bikes are more complicated than standing desks in terms of ergonomics. Most bikes have adjustable handlebars, seat height, seat position (forward or back), as well as seat angle. With the Deskcise Pro, We found it possible to get fairly close to the ideal position for cycling and comfort however not much fine-tuning is available. The seat isn’t adjustable in angle or forward and backward orientation to the pedals. This can be somewhat frustrating if you’re a cyclist used to being able to dial in your position and know what works for you. We also found that the maximum seat height may present some issues for people 6’2” or higher. The main issue is not being able to fully extend your legs which can cause inefficient pedaling. However, We imagine that for 95% of people these issues are not deal breakers and since this is simply a desk that allows you to be much more active than sitting or standing, it’s hard to fault the Deskcise Pro in these areas.

As for other ergonomic considerations, the desktop has a great range of adjustment both forward and back and vertically. The desktop also features as heavily padded armrest that is thick enough to take some of your weight off the seat, similar to what you might do on a bicycle. If you prefer to keep your back upright like in a seated position, the desktop range of adjustment can accommodate this as it can slide toward you quite far.

The seat itself is extremely padded and wide. This gives it a more chair-like comfort that fits well with the purpose of the desk. If the seat was directly over the pedals like on a road bike, we’d prefer a much narrower seat but the seat design is good considering the position of the seat relative to the pedals.



The Deskcise Pro is a funky mashup of a desk and a bike but somehow looks stylish and modern. We’re big fans of the white color frame and black accents. White is a much easier color to live with as it matches nearly any office or house and is neutral. Black is also available and looks great as well. Overall, the design is very aesthetically pleasing and tends to remind us of some past Apple products.


Setup and Installation

As you start using your Deskcise Pro here are a few tips we learned:

  • Take the time to adjust the seat height for efficient and comfortable pedaling motion. When the pedal is at the lowest point of the pedal stroke your knees should be nearly fully extended, but not entirely extended. Also, make sure that your hips are not rocking back and forth. They should be level.
  • Figure out the best position on the seat. This is a very large cycling seat. We found the most comfortable position to be slightly forward on the seat. This allows your thighs a more free range of motion vs being directly centered on top of the seat.
  • Take the time to adjust the desktop height - desktop height is important with any standing desk and the same applies to the Deskcise Pro. You’re looking for your arms to be bent at roughly 90 degrees with your wrists resting on the pad at around 180 degrees.
  • Once the above has been done try cycling and working and get a feel for how far your desktop should be away from your body. We found ourselves adjusting the desktop forward and back depending on how vigorously we were pedaling. Remember, cyclists are constantly making adjustments and it’s okay for you to do the same while working.
  • If you already have a standing desk, you can use the base of the Deskcise Pro with it. Simply lower the desktop post to its minimum height and remove the bolt and desktop unit. This will allow you to slide it under your standing desk. If you plan to do this permanently, consider buying the version of the Deskcise designed to go under your desk. It’s also a little cheaper.


Operation and Stability

The frame of the Deskcise Pro is extremely rigid and heavy, it has a low center of gravity and not likely to ever tip over. One thing we noticed when used on a hard surface was a very slight wobble. Upon closer inspection of the wheels, we found that they have built-in dampening that helps absorb vibration and level the unit. We wished they were a little stiffer because they do allow some wobble to occur when used on a hard surface. It’s not a deal breaker but it is present. Now, on a carpeted surface or a rug, the wobble goes away. So if you plan on using it on a softer surface like this, there is nothing to worry about.

The operation of the Deskcise Pro is smooth and quiet similar to some mid to high-end stationary bikes. Using the Deskcise Pro is not likely to disrupt anyone or require your tv or music to be turned up. The pedal feel is also great and there is zero play allowing you to pedal hard without any racking misalignment felt through your feet. The Deskcise Pro comes with covers for the plastic pedals that give you the option to use it barefoot or with shoes alike.


The features of the Deskcise Pro are simple but nothing is really compromised. The settings of the bike are controlled by a large dial that allows you to set 8 levels of resistance for pedaling. While some bikes can be programmed to increase or decrease resistance at certain intervals, it’s really no big deal to reach down and turn the knob to the desired resistance.

Right above the dial is an LCD screen showing live readouts of time, speed, distance, calories burned, and rpm. Toggling through these displays is enabled by the black button below it. Resetting the memory requires holding down the same button for a few seconds.

The Deskcise Pro comes equipped with wheels which make moving around the bike easy. Many stationary bikes are just that, stationary and not easy to move. While testing the Deskcise Pro we found ourselves moving it to different rooms throughout the day which was easily accomplished with the included wheels.



The Deskcise Pro offers great value at $499 and is essentially a standing desk and a stationary bike in one. It is a perfect solution for someone looking to add more movement to their time spent at a desk.