Quick Summary

The Goplus home treadmill is one of our top choices for best treadmills under $500 for the following reasons:

  1. Top speed of 7.5 mph so you can run on it
  2. 12 workout programs available
  3. Only 4 bots required for assembly
  4. G-Fit enabled 
  5. Quiet machine
  6. Lots of positive reviews

Full Review


The Goplus has a range from .5-7.5 mph, which gives you the option of walking slow, jogging, or running.


The Goplus has  12 workout programs available, and is G-Fit compatible.

G-Fit gives you several different options. The first is to control your treadmill though the G-Fit app on your phone.

More importantly, it can also automatically generate a training plan when you input your height, weight, and heart rate record, as well as set reminders to exercise and track your running history.

When you receive the treadmill, you'll be given a QR code, and from there you download the software. 

Folding and Moving

The Goplus folds easily by manually lifting the deck, and has a wheeled base so you can easily slide it out of the way.

Opening the machine is easy, just use your foot to click the bottom of the deck that will drop the deck down, as shown in the video above.

Tablet and Phone Space

There's space to hold your phone,  tablet, or book, as well as a drink holder.


2.25 HP motor, which is designed for walking and only occasional jogging or running. 

If you're looking for a machine that can handle higher speeds for longer periods of time, you'll need to look in a higher price range.


This is one of the easiest assemblies of our top choices under $500 as all you have to do is attach 4 bolts.

The treadmill weighs 96.5 lbs, so you'll probably need help getting it out of the box.


  • Overall dimension: 62”L X 26.5”W X 49.5”H
  • Folded dimension: 32.5”L X 26.5”W X 57”H

Weight Capacity

The Goplus can accommodate users up to 220 lbs.


The Goplus is a quiet machine, rating well compared to our other top treadmills under $500.


Automatic incline that changes between 2 position.


The belt is 47" long, which is a good length for treadmills under $500, but those with a longer stride, you may want to test out how long your stride is on someone else's treadmill or at a gym to see how much room you need.

It's 16" wide, which is on the narrow side, so if you have a wide gait, or anticipate that you'll need more room, you may want to look at a unit that has a wider track.

LCD Display

5" Blue-Ray LCD display with 5 display options. The display tracks calories burned, distance, and pulse.


There are 5 different buttons:

  • mode
  • program

On the support arms:

  • pulse/EKG grips
  • increase & speed
  • stop


The quality isn't the best, but at this price point it's hard to ask for high-end speakers. If you don't want to use headphones, and these speakers aren't adequate, we recommend a small mobile speaker.


1 year parts, with an option for buying an extended warranty. Compared to other models in this price range, it's not a very strong warranty, but we've heard several reports of good customer service.

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