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Updated: May 9, 2021

 The Nautilus T618 is one of our top choices for a home treadmill under $1500. Spending up to $1500 on a treadmill will get you a high quality machine.


  • Top speed of 12 MPH supports runners at many levels
  • 26 workout programs available
  • Powerful but quiet motor
  • Bluetooth compatible for easy fitness tracking
  • Solid belt built with Rebound Cushioning System
  • Can accommodate users up to 350 lbs
  • 3.8 CHP motor


  • Warranty could be better
  • Machine is very heavy

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The Nautilus T618 reaches a top speed of 12 MPH, and can be adjusted in increments of 0.1, making it highly customizable to your specific workout.


The T618 offers an impressive selection of 26 workout programs ranging from cardiovascular to weight loss to interval training. Race training with real time coaching helps keep you on pace toward your goal, while your daily fitness score keeps track of your endurance capacity. Best of all, the T618’s bluetooth connection allows these results to sync seamlessly with Nautilus’ Trainer app or your prefered fitness tracking program via Nautilus Connect.

Some featured programs include:

  • The Quick Goal program allows you to set up an exercise goal for distance, time and calories.
  • The Heart Health program offers four preset target heart rates, for 55%, 65%, 75% and 85%.
  • The Weight Control program comes with five preset workouts: Fat Burn 1, Fat Burn 2, Speed Burn, Incline Burn, and Dual Burn.
  • The Interval program includes three preset workouts: Interval-Incline, Interval-Speed, and Interval-Dual.
  • The Train program integrates six specialized programs including Boot Camp, Endurance, Performance, 1 Mile Pacer, 5K Pacer and 10K Pacer.
  • The Custom program allows you to tweak four customizable programs for heart rate, incline, and speed.

In addition to fitness tracking, the you can also integrate RunSocial into your workout via bluetooth. RunSocial is a free mobile app that allows runners to choose from a range of HD video running routes from around the world. When connected to the T618, the app will track your speed and adjust incline to match the real-world route of your choice.

The console unit lets you store and use 4 user profiles, each profile recording and storing individual workout result. This is a great feature if more than one person will be using the machine.


The T618 is built for a runner. It’s track, measuring 20” wide and 60” long is designed to accommodate a runner’s long stride. It boasts a 3-ply, 2.5mm, light commercial tread belt that rotates over 2.75” rollers to minimize noise, maximize smoothness, and extend the belt’s life.

Finally, the T618’s  exclusive Rebound Cushioning System simultaneously softens your landing at the front of the deck and propels kick-off at the back of your stride. This feature reduces impact on your body and energizes your stride.


The T618’s powerful 3.5 CHP motor supports its full running speed of 12 MPH and responds instantly to pace changes throughout the workout. This strength means you don’t have to worry about your machine losing performance or overheating, even during long runs.


At 253 pounds, this machine can be difficult move and position for assembly. We recommend at least 2 people present to move it into place. However, once in place assembly is fairly straightforward. The average person should be able to assemble the machine in around 2 hours, unassisted.

When buying factory-direct a variety of delivery and assembly options are available:

  • Movement of boxes from garage or first covered area to room of choice.
  • Full assembly by a qualified technician.
  • Removal of boxes and packaging materials to your refuse area.


To help conserve space this treadmill’s deck can be folded upward after workouts. It’s SoftDrop deck folding system uses hydraulics to assist in folding up and down. Despite its weight, transport wheels make movement and storage much easier after assembly.

We did find that even when folded the machine is only reduced to about half its length of 72.4. If your space is very limited you may consider a model that can condense further.


Length: 72.44

Width: 35.24

Height: 57.68

Weight capacity

350 lbs


We found the motor to run very quietly for how much power it contains. The Rebound Cushioning System also lightens foot fall to minimize pounding on the surface while running.


Incline can be increased up to 15% in 1% increments to maximize flexibility in your training program. The T618 also includes incline controls on its handrails for easy mid-workout adjustment.


The T618 has two large backlit LCD display screams - 3.75” and 5.5” wide, with blue lighting. The dual screens offer visibility to workout metrics even when the media tray is in use.

Media Holder

The treadmill’s media shelf can securely hold your tablet or smartphone, and includes a charging port to keep your device running throughout your workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The T618 offers two effective heart rate monitoring options. In addition to build in handrail monitors, the T618 comes with a wireless bluetooth chest strap for more accurate in-workout monitoring.


The T618 has high quality, acoustically chambered speakers. One downside is that, unlike other features on the machine, the speakers are not bluetooth compatible. Because there is a USB charging port and MP3 input port, this should not be a deal breaker for smart device users.

Accessory Tray

An accessory rack for a towel and water bottle are beneath the console.


A built in 3-speed fan is a great feature that proved more valuable than expected.


Nautilus offers a 5 year warranty on parts and electronics and 2 years on labor, which is excellent for a treadmill under $1500. At this price point, though its 15 year frame and motor warranty is lower than other comparable machines, many of which come with lifetime warranties.

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