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Updated August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Standing Desk Frame is a frame-only desk sold without a table top but includes the motor and electronics for raising and lowering. We highly recommend this desk frame and it's an excellent desk solution for anyone comfortable with a simple DIY project and shopping for a desk on a budget. You can either build or buy a table top separately and install it on the frame to complete your desk. We actually used the Titan Fitness Desk Frame in our article on How to Build a Standing Desk Table Top where you can learn how to build a beautiful wood tabletop yourself. The Titan Fitness offers great value, stability, quality materials and finishing. You can also customize your desk to your exact needs if going the DIY route.


  • Affordable
  • Well made heavy frame
  • Great for a DIY project
  • Fast Shipping
  • High quality controls
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Features memory settings


  • Parts of the assembly process can be frustrating
  • Relatively low lift capacity
  • No cable management solutions

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Delivery, Assembly & Warranty

Shipping and receiving the Titan fitness desk is a breeze. Due to the fact that it is a frame-only desk, it can be shipped by standard parcel carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. In addition, this desk is sold through Amazon and is Prime Eligible. This makes getting this desk as simple and fast as buying a new keyboard. Overall this is a big plus for the Titan Fitness desk since many other standing desks require special delivery services that take weeks and require someone to be home to accept delivery. Be prepared, this is a heavy box. You may need help carrying it.

Assembly is a simple process but has a few frustrations. It can be easy to mistake important bolts since they have the same thread. Make sure you refer to the parts list frequently. In one case mistaking the short and long bolts will cause them to be driven into the motor case. In addition, some of the other bolts are difficult to install since they need to be threaded through a hole in the frame first making it easy to drop them in the frame and have to tilt the desk to remove them. We find that most desks have their installation challenges. Even with these challenges, we assembled this desk in less than an hour, a far cry from the 4 hours the manufacturer suggests.

The warranty offered seems relatively basic but the desk, as well as all other Titan Fitness products, are covered for one year on any manufacturing defects of product failures. They also have a form on their site used to submit a warranty claim.

Speed, Stability, and Noise

The desk can raise from It's lowest position to it's highest in about 17 seconds. Since you're not likely to use the desk at those extremes you'll only need about 9 or 10 seconds to go from sitting to standing or vice versa. Keep in mind, this is what we experienced with a 50 lbs Pine table top, a large monitor, laptop, stand and other random desktop items.

If you're a minimalist with your desk this may be a good desk for you since it does have a relatively low lifting capacity at only 88 pounds while in operation and 175 when stationary. This can create some real limitations if you plan on using multiple monitors, arms, a printer a desktop or other heavy computing equipment together.

Despite the lower lifting capacity, the Titan Fitness desk has a very smooth, quiet and confident operation, slowing down slightly at the lower and upper limits to ensure a smooth stop. This is a very nice feature especially if you're using monitor arms. The smooth operation makes sure sensitive arms stay where you want them.

The desk is very solid feeling and stable at lower levels but has a very slight wobble within the frame itself when raised. This is hardly noticeable in normal use and doesn't put the desk at any risk for tipping over or moving significantly. In fact, due to the heavy legs and frame, it is unlikely that you'll ever tip this desk over even when fully raised.

Tabletop Options

The beauty of this desk is that you can choose exactly what type of table top you want. You can do the DIY route, like we did, or buy any tabletop that you like. Keep in mind Titan Fitness does offer table tops for a reasonable $72 to $77 on their site. Whichever table top you go with, make sure it's at least 28 inches wide. This will ensure you have plenty of desk space and that you are clearing and hiding the brackets in the shadows of the desktop.

Control Unit Features

The Titan Fitness Standing Desk Frame, although a frame-only desk also includes the electronics, motor and control unit, which is usually the case for another frame only desks we have seen. The Titan Fitness comes with a quality control unit comparable or even the same to what we see on higher end desks. It features your standard up and down buttons, but also includes 4 memory presets that are easy to set as well as a digital readout of the height value. Having memory presents is a must have for us since you can find your most comfortable siting and standing height and never have to worry about finding it again. Having 4 presents means you can do this with two people. Desks with 4 memory presets are great choices for home offices and families that may require more than one person using the desk.

Power and Cable Management

One of our gripes is the lack cable management options or consideration of cable management needs. This is common on budget focused standing desks. This issue overall is minor and can be totally solved with zip ties and creativity. Overall our frustration with cable management breaks down into three issues:

  • The transformer (part of the power cord) is located nearly in the middle 1/3 of the cable. This boxy item should ideally be located either as close to the ends of the power cord as possible. We decided we would mount it on the desk and it required some zip tie skills.
  • The Frame itself is difficult to fasten zip ties too. This is mainly because the table top sits flush with the top of the frame surface making it difficult to slide a zip tie in. We choose to buy stick on zip tie fasteners.
  • There is no way to feed a power cable through the frame. While this is commonly found on high-end desks like the Herman Miller Renew, we think more desks should be made like this since it shouldn't cost much more to design a desk with this feature. If you're looking to have you desk free standing in an open area, you'll really want the frame through option.

See our cable management pictures:

Is the Titan Fitness Right for you?

The Titan Fitness remains one of our favorite frame-only standing desks. This is mainly due to its price, fast non-freight shipping and the quality of the frame. Many manual crank-up desks are more expensive and despite the lack of the table top, the value is still very high. We recommend this desk for those that plan on keeping the weight low on their desktop and can benefit from having two people's memory presets stored. This desk is also a great choice for anyone wishing to turn this into a DIY project like us. Above all the price is hard to beat. is supported by it’s readers. If you purchase any products from this page, our educational website will receive a small commission from the and/or other affiliate programs, which will help cover our costs, and doesn’t affect your price.