Matt the authorResearch by Matt Rowan, B.S.
Updated May 3, 2021

Are you a serious gamer? How much time do you spend sitting at your desk? Chances are it’s a significant portion of your free time and can often be easy to underestimate. With this amount of time invested in sitting, it’s truly important to consider your health and how that time spent at your desk is impacting you and how a standing desk could help alleviate some of the issues hardcore gamers encounter. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a standing desk if you’re a serious gamer.

1. You’ll Reduce or Avoid Pain

Excessive time spent sitting is known to cause back and neck pain and serious gamers can add wrist pain to the list as well. The standing position can reduce strain on your spine by up to 90% compared to sitting and will give you back and neck pain a serious reprieve. Numerous studies, including our own, have shown that even moderate standing at your desk can dramatically reduce pain levels. Being pain-free takes a burden off your body and opens you up to improved focus and fewer distractions.

2. You’ll Improve Your Posture

Often the game itself dictates your posture while sitting. This commonly results in a hunched over position leaning towards your screen. This isn’t good for your eyes, nor your body. While sometimes this is hard to avoid in the heat of a game, standing while playing can make it much easier to maintain a good posture or even an acceptable one. Over time you’ll build up the muscle memory from standing and this will aid in your sitting posture as well. Maintaining a good posture furthermore reduces pain and stress on your spine, joints and muscles.

3. You’ll be More Active Both Physically and Mentally

Standing burns calories and if you stand enough you’re likely to notice a few other things like losing a few pounds, feeling more energetic and having an improved focus and productivity, according to a few different studies. An average weight and height male that adds 4 hours of standing time on and off throughout their day can expect to burn an additional 400 calories. An average female can expect to burn an extra 300 calories for the same investment in standing.

4. You’ll Have Better Ergonomics

Good ergonomics= comfort. Your keyboard height and monitor position should be carefully considered before you invest a substantial amount of time playing in those positions. Standing desks and especially adjustable standing desks enable you to dial the ergonomics of your gaming setup to perfection. You raise your desktop and keyboard to the right height and then independently adjust your mirrors so no leaning over your desk is required to play. Standing desks often come with beveled comfort desktop edges, ergonomic keyboard trays and the ability to mount stable monitor arms, all features that improve your comfort as a gamer.

5. You'll be a Better Gamer

Overall being pain-free and healthier leads you to be a better gamer. If you’re at the top of your game you should consider investing in your health and comfort to gain an extra edge on your competition. That investment will not only make you a better gamer but it will make the time you spend gaming sustainable and your body will thank you for it.

Next Steps

  • Finding a Desk - A number of standing desk manufacturers are now creating gaming specific standing desks that directly compete with traditional sitting gaming desks. These desks feature excellent cable management, multiple monitor compatibility, and high lift capacity for any kind of gaming setup you have.
  • Estimate Calories Burned - If you’re currently spending a lot of time sitting, use our calculator to estimate how many additional calories you could burn with access to a standing desk.
  • Learn More About Sitting Risks Read more about the dangers of excessive sitting both to the body and the mind
  • Proper Posture and Ergonomics - Even if standing isn’t for you, make sure you are striving towards proper desk ergonomics and posture. Maintaining a good posture will help you avoid pain.