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Updated: August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

This desk has a major ergonomic issue: if you put your keyboard on the bottom shelf, you can't see what you're typing. If you put it on the top shelf, you're reaching up too high, which is going to cause tension in your upper back and neck.

For these reasons, I think the Pro Plus series is way better than the Pro series. You can check out Pro Plus reviews below.

Pro Plus Review

Pro Plus Cubicle Review

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Overall Score:
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Based on 12 key areas of evaluation listed below.

Speed of switching from sitting to standing
Noise level
Overall Feel
Surface area
Overall look
Lift Capacity
Overall Value

Drawback of the Pro 30

The reason why I got so involved with standing desks was because of an 8 year bout with back pain, that I ended in part through focusing on ergonomics.

This desk scores lower than all of the other Varidesk desks (except the Soho and the Pro Desk 60) because of ergonomics. Underneath the tabletop there's an area that seems like a keyboard tray, but it's not (and I'm not sure what it's for). If you put your keyboard there, you won't be able to see what you're typing.

If you put your keyboard and monitor on the same surface, your keyboard is too high, or your monitor is too low. Which means that you're either reaching up to type, which can strain your shoulders and back, or you're looking down at your monitor which will strain your neck and upper back.

If you start using the Pro 30 you may not notice any strain for a while. But over time, the small strain you're placing on your body may catch up to you. It's like you're holding a very small weight - it will take a while before you start to feel the strain.

You could make this desk work if you did one of the following things:

  1. Buy a single or double monitor arm so that you can lift your screen up and away from the table top.
  2. Install your own keyboard tray. I'd only do this if you're really handy and if you think you can make it look good.

Instead of the Pro 30

The Pro Plus series is very similar to the Pro series, but it has a keyboard try that will keep you in a better position to type and look at your screen. That way you don't need to install your own keyboard tray, or buy monitor arms.

Here's the two tabletops side by side so you can see the difference:

Pro 30 Tabletop

Pro Plus 30 Tabletop & Keyboard

I believe the idea behind the Pro 30 was to have a larger tabletop, but the Pro Plus has more surface area if you combine the keyboard tray with the tabletop. And the Pro Plus 30 will keep your body in a better position to type and look at your screen. For this reason I think the Pro Plus Series is a better choice. They're very similar desks, but the Pro Plus will be better for your neck and back (available in the 30, 36, 48, or in the Exec 40 & 48).

Of all the standing desk converters on the market (desks that sit on top of your existing desk), I think Varidesk has the best products. There are several reason why I really like the company:

  1. 30 - day guarantee on all products. I only had issues with one of all of my returns.
  2. Free shipping on delivery and returns.
  3. Quick delivery - around 7 days (some standing desk can take weeks).
  4. No assembly required, just take it out of the box and put it on your desk.
  5. Friendly customer support.
  6. All of their products are solid, well made, and look good.
  7. The desks switch positions easily and quiety (except the Pro desk 60).