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Updated: August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

First of all, this is the only desk that I'm aware of that was made to fit in a cubicle.

It's almost the same desk as the desks in the Pro Plus series except for the angled back (check out our review of the Pro Plus series), I think it's one the best standing desk converters on the market.

Some of the selling points of any Varidesk product are:

  1. You'll get your desk in less than a week (some companies take a few months!)
  2. Free shipping and free returns.
  3. 30 day guarantee.
  4. No assembly required.
  5. The desks are quiet (only a click when you switch the height).
  6. Their products are solid and don't wobble much when you type.

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Cube Corner 48 Review

The cublicle series has 4 different desks. The "Cube Corner" model is triangle shaped to fit perfectly in a corner cubicle. The "Cube Plus" has a rectangular tabletop and has less depth than it's other desk converters to fit better on shallow cublicle desks. By far the most popular option is the Cube Corner 48.

The Cube Corner 36 and 48 have angled back to fit into a corner, and the Cube Plus 40 and 48 have flat backs.

As I mentioned before, the Pro Plus desks and the Cubicle desks are almost identical, except for the angled backs on the Cube Corners, so what's the difference? The Cubes are smaller and take up less space when at the highest setting.

Comparing the Pro Plus 48 and the Cube Plus 48, here are a few differences:

  • The base on the Cube Plus 48 is 22.5 inches deep, and the Pro Plus is 24.
  • When you extend them to the standing position, the Cube Plus 48 is 33 inches from back to front, and the Pro Plus 48 is 41.75 inches deep.
  • The tabletop on the Cube Plus 48 is 23.75 inches wide, while the Pro Plus 48 is 29.75 inches deep.

The first time I raised the Exec 48 to the highest setting, I almost fell over backward because it comes towards you (there was a chair on rollers behind me, I may have went down if it was a stationary chair).

You may be interested in this desk even if you aren't in a cubicle.


Accessories and Options

If you have a large keyboard and you feel cramped using your mouse, you may want to consider a trackball mouse.

With a trackball mouse, you roll the ball to move your cursor instead of moving the entire mouse. The mouse pictured has a grey ring which you use to scroll up and down the page. It didn't take me long to get used to it.

Regarding monitors, I'm a standing desk nerd, so I had to get the dual monitor arms (they also sell a single arm). That way I could have 2 monitors that I can raise, lower, and tilt, and my laptop. Below is my home office setup (I have the Pro Plus 30). Many companies sell single and dual monitor arms; for more information check out our review.

If you start using your standing desk and find yourself getting tired, there are a couple things you can do. One is to sit down (you're supposed to be switching positions every 20 minutes anyways), and the other is to get a standing desk mat. See my favorite anti-fatigue mat below, the Topo.

Making a Decision

If you have a cubicle, measure the amount of desktop space you have, and consider whether you would need an angled back or a flat back. The you can choose between the different desks in the series, all available in black of white: