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Updated: August 14, 2021

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Quick Summary

The iMovR Upsilon is our top choice if you're on a budget, or you're working with a small space. With the base model at $668, you get a great adjustable standing desk that has features that beat out desks that cost much more.

The iMovR Tabletop

All iMovR tabletops are 3D laminate. 3D lamination protects the surface from moisture damage, warping, scratches, and stains. One of our favorite features of the desktop is the contoured edges. On a normal desk, the 90 degree angles on the edges of the desk and any holes in the desk for cords will show a lot of wear and tear over time, and if it's laminate, the top layer will eventually start to peel off. The 3D will stand up to lots of wear and tear because the edges are contoured, which makes it much more comfortable to lean on, and it looks like it's made of hardwood. iMovR is so confident in their tabletops that they back them with a 5 year warranty.

If you have a small apartment, a small office, or you just don't need a lot of desktop space, the Upsilon is a great investment. It's only 23.5" wide, and you have 3 different lengths: 42", 47", or 59".

There's also easy installation with recessed-nuts and machine screws, which make taking the desk apart and putting it back together easy, and there's no wear and tear on the wood from repeatedly taking screws out and putting them back in.

The Upsilon is available in several colors shown below.


Other Features of the Upsilon

  • It changes position at 1.45" per second, which is fast considering the price of the desk.
  • It shares first place for the quietest standing desk with the Uptown (our mid-tier top choice).
  • If you have a lot of things on your desk, such as multiple monitors, books, your cat, a couple of kids, etc., it won't be a problem. The Upsilon can hold a shocking 360 lbs!
  • One nice thing about the Upsilon is that it ships one day after your purchase. Some desks will arrive up to 8 weeks later.
  • The base is available in black or silver powder coat finish.
  • If you'd like the option to move the Upsilon around, you can get optional caster wheels.
  • If your monitor is lower than eye height, you may want to think about getting a monitor arm. When you're standing, if you're looking down, you're putting pressure on the vertebrae in your neck, your neck and upper back have to do more work, and you have a tendency to round your shoulders forward (the condition now known as the "ihunch" from looking down at cell phones).
  • You may also want to look at the basic or advanced cable management system from iMovR. You definitely don't want cords hanging out of the back of your desk. It looks bad and if you're raising and dropping the tabletop, and/or moving the desk, the cords can get caught. You can save a few bucks by buying these items at a home supply and office supply store, but you might have a hard time finding the tray to hold the power strip. And if you do buy your own power strip, make sure the cord is long enough (using extension cords doesn't look as good). iMovR sells a 12 foot cord with the advanced cable management system.cable management for standing desks

Check out iMovR's video about the Upsilon. The low prices they advertise in the video are out of date, these were for their kickstarter campaign.