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Updated: August 14, 2021

Quick summary

The Omega Everest from iMovR sells for $1274. It's our favorite desk in the higher end price range because of the SteadyType embedded keyboard, the 3D laminate tabletop, as well as the number of customizations available.

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The best standing desk for your wrists

When I started using a standing desk, my back pain went away, which was amazing, but I started to develop pain in my wrists from typing. The reason why is because when I used to sit all of the time at my desk, my palms rested on my desk or laptop when I typed. When I started standing, they had nothing to rest on, and my keyboard was flat on my desk, so my wrists were bending backwards and all the pressure was on the backs of my wrists.

improper typing position

Incorrect position for wrists when typing.

The Omega Everest solves this problem by embedding their keyboard that you can angle downwards so your wrists aren't under pressure.

omega everest embedded keyboard
The embedded keyboard is also solidly attached to the tabletop, which is great for walking on a treadmill while typing. Experts recommend walking at a very slow pace (1 mile per hour), which doesn't sound like much, but when walking and typing it helps to anchor yourself to the desk for balance, and we appreciate the monitor not shaking from the typing (a benefit for heavy typers). Other desks that we've tested with an attached keyboard tray bend when you press on them, which is more pronounced while on a treadmill. The Everest doesn't move. Maybe that's why they named it Everest.

To demonstrate how superior their Steady Type embedded keyboard is, iMovR produced a video where they drop fruit (including a pineapple) on the keyboard tray of another desk, and then at the :50 mark, at the Everest.

We've talked to a few users that said that their typing speed and accuracy has gone up as well because of the SteadyType embedded keyboard.

Other great features

As with our other top choices from iMovR, this desk has great features:

      • Lifetime on steel frame, 10 years on moving parts, 5 years on tabletop, 5 years on electronics
      • Adjusting speed of 1.5" / Second
      •  Digital LCD Readout with 4 programmable preset heights
      •  Tabletop sizes available: 30" x 48", 30" x 60", 30" x 72", 30" x 83"
      • Can hold 220 lbs
      • Easy installation with recessed-nuts and machine screws, which make taking the desk apart and putting it back together easy, and there's no wear and tear on the wood from repeatedly taking screws out and putting them back inMaximum height of 50.5", and 54.5" with leg extensions that you attach to the bottom of the legs (great for taller users)
      • Colors available: 


The only possible drawback with the Omega Everest is that the embedded keyboard takes away some desk space. The desk is named Omega because it makes a "U" shape, similar to the Greek letter "omega," Ω. We feel it's a smart trade-off, especially if you've dealt with carpel tunnel or had wrist issues.

If you have the room in your apartment or office, you can order a larger table top to make up the difference. The widest is 83" long, which is a lot of space. You may just have to reach a little more.

Here's a video produced by iMovR on the Omega Everest.

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