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Updated: August 14, 2021

Quick Summary

The Sway desk is from a Canadian manufacturer named ergonofis, and it's a high-quality desk. The #1 selling point of the desk, in our opinion, is the tabletop. The hardwoods are absolutely beautiful. Combined with it's stability, lifting and lowering speed, how quiet it is, as well as wonderful customer service, it's a great choice for anyone looking for a high-end standing desk.

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Delivery and Warranty

The desk was delivered from Montreal to Michigan, and took about 10 days. 

The following warranties apply to the Sway:

  • desktop-1 year
  • steel frame-10 year
  • motor and electrical parts-5 years

Overall the warranty is solid and what's expected for a high-end standing desk.


Assembly of the Sway was pretty standard in terms of how long it took and the difficulty. It took two of us about 45 minutes to put together from unboxing to plugging in and using the desk. We were happy that all of the pre-drilled holes lined up the way they were supposed to, there were no missing parts, and the directs were very clear.

One person to put it together, though flipping the desk upright would require most people to have a partner to help. If you want to take a look at how to put the Sway together, check out the installation guide.



The ergonomics of the Sway are excellent. This short video from ergofinis shows the easy raising and lowering of the desk. Note that there's no audio to the video.

The control box sits inside a space facing up in the lower right-hand corner of the tabletop. Many desks place the controls under the tabletop. The controls for the Sway are easy to see and reach.


Operation and Stability

The Sway moves at 1.5"/second, which is relatively fast. It has an anti-collision system that prevents the desk from lowering or raising if there's something in the way. It's quiet at <45 decibels.

The desk moves with a dual-motor system that will lift up to 300 lbs. Most people will never get to close to having that amount of weight on their desks.

The controls are set into the frame and have two memory presets, so you could program a sitting height and a standing height, or you can use the up and down buttons.

ergonofis controls
Uplift Bamboo - Frame Construction

Sizes and Options

There are 3 options for the tabletop:

  • walnut
  • beech
  • maple

The desk comes in 3 sizes:

  • 24" X 48"
  • 30" X 60"
  • 30" X 72"

You can order a custom size, but it will take longer to receive your desk, and it will cost more.

The frame can be black or white.

You have the option of a left grommet for wires, right grommet, both, or none.

There are several optional upgrades, including:

  • power outlet bar that can be attached to the underside of the desk
  • desk shelf to hold monitors
  • monitor stand or laptop stand
  • leather mouse pad
  • casters so you can move the desk easily
  • anti-fatigue mat
  • pull-out drawer

We have the drawer and find it's a nice upgrade. It's installed on the underside of the desk so you can't see it when looking down at the desk. A note on the installation of the drawer: make sure the drawer isn't pulled out when you attach it to the desk. We extended the drawer out, screwed it in, then couldn't close the drawer.


The inside of the drawer has an additional tray to hold pens and other items that will keep the drawer more organized.


The wood tabletop is locally-sourced in Montreal, 1 1/4" thick, and has a clear matte water-based lacquer finish, which means you won't be breathing in any harsh chemicals. It's the most beautiful tabletop that we've reviewed.

One issue that we had is our tabletop is a little bit soft, so if we want to write on the desk, we need to use a writing pad or a notebook underneath, otherwise the wood will get indented by the pen. That's not an issue with ergonofis, it has to do with the softness of American Walnut. The Sway is offered in two other woods, maple and birch, both of which are harder. The test that measures the resistance of wood to denting and wear is called the Janka hardness test, and the measurements are done in pounds-force (lbf). Our desk that we tested, American Walnut, measures 1,010 lbf. Hard Maple measures 1,450 lbf, and American Beech 1,300 lbf. To give a reference for extremes, Balsa wood, the softest wood ever measured, measures at 22 lbf. On the other extreme is Brazilian Ipe, measuring 3,684 lbf.


Cable Management

When you order the desk you can add a left grommet, right grommet, or both. There's a small metal insert that rotates so you can change the direction of your cables, or you could take the insert out if you have a lot of wires.


You have the option of adding a power bar outlet to the underside of the desk, which is really convenient. Instead of routing all of your wires to the floor or a wall outlet, you can plug in up to 3 devices on the underside of the desk, along with 2 USB devices.


The power for raising and lowering the desk is attached to the underside of the desk. We decided to attach the circular wire holders in a Z pattern to take out all of the slack, it wasn't necessarily recommended by ergofinis.

Overall the wire management system was well thought out to make the wires the least visible and out of the way.



This desk is more expensive than most other standing desks, but it has a lot to offer:

  • great lift capacity (300 lbs)
  • quiet, smooth, and quick raising and lowering of the desk
  • very stable
  • beautiful wood tabletop
  • great cable management system
  • excellent customer service
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • free shipping and returns

The main drawback of this desk is the soft surface. It's gorgeous, but if you plan on writing on the desk, make sure that you use some kind of padding, otherwise, there will be indentations. You'll also have to be careful not to drop anything on the desk that could dent it. It's possible that the tabletop that they sent us is an anomaly and isn't normally that soft, and maybe the beech or maple doesn't have this same issue that we had with the walnut. If you're interested in this desk, there's a 30-day risk-free return policy.

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